Our technology

Unbiased, accurate, and low cost screening

We use molecular biology, next generation sequencing, and advanced computational analysis to extract rich epigenetic information encoded in chromatin fragments circulating in the blood and transform it into concrete clinical information.

Our cfChIP-seq technology uses the natural biological marking of chromatin to specifically enrich informative DNA fragments from active regions in the genome. Since the active part of the genome is relatively small we bypass the need for biased preselection of specific genes or markers. This unbiased approach increases the disease detection sensitivity and specificity and allows testing for many diseases for a significantly reduced cost, thus setting the stage for an extremely accurate and affordable human health screening.

Our first line of products is focused in developing an accurate, sensitive, and affordable blood test for early detection and monitoring of cancer. We also work closely with pharma companies to improve clinical trials monitoring, patients selection and evaluation of drug efficacy.

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