A single blood test

for broad monitoring of human health.

New generation of LIQUID BIOPSY

Senseera’s technology ushers a new generation of liquid biopsy blood tests providing unparalleled information about disease processes in the patient’s internal organs and immune system with a single blood test. Senseera’s mission is to transform disease diagnosis and treatment and to enhance development of new therapeutics.
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Detecting diseases from blood cell-free chromatin

The DNA in our cells is packed into a structure called chromatin. When cells in our body die their chromatin is fragmented and short chromatin fragments leak into the blood. These fragments contain rich epigenetic information that can tell us a lot about the identity and health status of the cells. We combine advanced molecular biology, and computational analysis to convert this rich epigenetic information into monitoring and detection of diseases and treatment response.
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We are dedicated to improving human health

We are a team of scientists with broad backgrounds ranging from molecular and chemical biology, genomics, epigenetics, and cell biology, to computational biology, statistical modeling, and machine learning. We are passionate about using our groundbreaking biological and computational technologies for enhancing human health and drug discovery.
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